My Favorite Memes

We all have those memes we just HAVE to laugh at every time the scroll up onto the many forms of social media we all have.  Here are my personal favorites:

7.  The feels:


images (23) images (22) images (21)

6.  What r u doing? :
images (16)
images (15)


hair-stahp5.  You had one job:

download (4)

images (14) images (13) images (12)4.   Willy Wonka of sarcasm:

images (24)


Willy-Wonka-Meme-Becomes-A-Gif-Because-Pictures-Arent-Enough3.   That’d be great:

images (27) images (26) images (25)2.  Pretty much ALL memes with a dog in it:

images (20) images (19) images (18) images (17)

dog-meme-i-panicked-2 accountant-dog 10177337_654310494617752_509395361945957172_n

1.  The “wat” lady

download (5)

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