Sephora Formula X Review!

A couple of months ago, I saw Sephora’s sweepstakes to win The System. The System is a four step process that is supposed to make any color last up to eight days. After entering my name and email, I have to admit, I kinda forgot about it. Then, I received an email that said- Formula X- Formula X System Sweepstakes Winner. And I was like WHAT? Then, I was like, Oh, ok they are just announcing the winners. But when I opened the email, it said Congratulations. And I was like WHAT WHAT WHAT! What is happening? What did I win?

Anyway, after entering my special code, it arrived within about two weeks. And let me tell you, I have NEVER been so excited about getting the mail!


As I was opening it, I was a bit weary about trying it out right away. It was around 6pm,  I hadn’t started my homework just yet, and it’s four steps! I was like, This is gonna take forever to dry! But, of course, I was able, with much convincing, to find the time to try it anyway. 😉

The first step is Cleanse- It is supposed to clean and remove any unwanted oils or left over polish. It pretty much dries instantly.

The second step is Prime- Sephora’s version of a base coat. It is described as an adhesive to make the color stick to the nail. I did not experience any “stickiness”. This dried in 1-3 minutes.

The third step is Color- I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t pick the color, but I have nothing against red. I wanted the dark burgundy, but it’s fine. The color glides on smoothly and was opaque. It covered the nail completely with three swipes. This also dried in 1-3 minutes.

The fourth step is Shine: The name suits it! So SHINY. It goes on just like the color step and dries just as quickly!

Here is the finished look!


I was worried about dry time when I really didn’t need to. It took about 5-10 minutes total which is AWESOME. It feels so smooth, almost like a gel manicure. It lasted longer than usual, but not eight days ( more like six). Keep in mind that I only did one coat of each step and results will probably be better if you apply two coats.The only thing I am unsure about is whether it works with any brand of nail polish. On the box it says any color, but Sephora has an entire line of colors and the box may only be referring to their colors. All in all, I can’t wait to try out a different color and a different brand!


Both pictures were after about a month after the first time that I painted them. They lasted a long time and most of the polish is still covering the nail. Next time, I will definitely do two coats next time.