Sephora Formula X Review!

A couple of months ago, I saw Sephora’s sweepstakes to win The System. The System is a four step process that is supposed to make any color last up to eight days. After entering my name and email, I have to admit, I kinda forgot about it. Then, I received an email that said- Formula X- Formula X System Sweepstakes Winner. And I was like WHAT? Then, I was like, Oh, ok they are just announcing the winners. But when I opened the email, it said Congratulations. And I was like WHAT WHAT WHAT! What is happening? What did I win?

Anyway, after entering my special code, it arrived within about two weeks. And let me tell you, I have NEVER been so excited about getting the mail!


As I was opening it, I was a bit weary about trying it out right away. It was around 6pm,  I hadn’t started my homework just yet, and it’s four steps! I was like, This is gonna take forever to dry! But, of course, I was able, with much convincing, to find the time to try it anyway. 😉

The first step is Cleanse- It is supposed to clean and remove any unwanted oils or left over polish. It pretty much dries instantly.

The second step is Prime- Sephora’s version of a base coat. It is described as an adhesive to make the color stick to the nail. I did not experience any “stickiness”. This dried in 1-3 minutes.

The third step is Color- I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t pick the color, but I have nothing against red. I wanted the dark burgundy, but it’s fine. The color glides on smoothly and was opaque. It covered the nail completely with three swipes. This also dried in 1-3 minutes.

The fourth step is Shine: The name suits it! So SHINY. It goes on just like the color step and dries just as quickly!

Here is the finished look!


I was worried about dry time when I really didn’t need to. It took about 5-10 minutes total which is AWESOME. It feels so smooth, almost like a gel manicure. It lasted longer than usual, but not eight days ( more like six). Keep in mind that I only did one coat of each step and results will probably be better if you apply two coats.The only thing I am unsure about is whether it works with any brand of nail polish. On the box it says any color, but Sephora has an entire line of colors and the box may only be referring to their colors. All in all, I can’t wait to try out a different color and a different brand!


Both pictures were after about a month after the first time that I painted them. They lasted a long time and most of the polish is still covering the nail. Next time, I will definitely do two coats next time.

10 Fashion Trends Inspired By ’90’s T.V.

I realize that the internet has been consistently pumping out ’90’s references and you are probably tired of them. But, let me make one more reference to the good ‘ole days.The ’90’s was a very inspirational era in terms of fashion and focused most on the individual style. Celebrities, as always, are usually the first to set these “Individualistic” trends. Here are 10 of my personal favorites:

1. Rachel Greene from Friends:


2. Kelly from Saved by the Bell:

saved by the bell vrop top high waisted tumblr_mvhd27EkYM1rn2pfqo4_1280 Tiffani Amber Thiessen Kelly Kapowski Saved by the Bel

3. Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air:

tumblr_n4g6nzVi4r1toxqm9o1_500 ashley-banks

4. Gina from Martin:


5. DJ Tanner from Full House:

FULL HOUSE6484ce87c4b8b226f4975a5c1b4e43ceimages (8)

6. Topanga from Boy Meets World:


7. Moesha, Kim and Niecy  from Moesha:

moesha 8. Angela and Rayanne from My So-Called Life:

angelaskirt 9.  Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All:

Clarissa-Explains-It-All-the-90s-6120684-212-320Clarissa-Explains-It-All-2 tumblr_m3veolZvOz1r3gb6ao1_1280

10. Pretty much every character in Clueless:clueless_beverly_hills_style1 If you didn’t enjoy the rest of this post, like for Mr. Bean! If you don’t like him, then you must like Audrey Hepburn ( Basically there is no way you won’t like at least SOMETHING in this post)

Mr. Behepurn

10 Signs That You’re A Shopaholic

I first realized I was a shopaholic when I noticed that my entire email (of 14,000 emails) consisted of coupons and sale alerts from stores. I know…I have a problem. Here are 10 ways to tell if you’re a shopaholic too:


1. Whenever you see a sale you just HAVE to go in and see what they have. Even if you may not have the…uh…ahem…funds to actually purchase anything.

2. You REFUSE to go to the mall when you don’t have any money to avoid heartache.

3. Your heart hurts when you know you can’t go to a sale.

Courtesy of Google Images :)
Courtesy of Google Images 🙂

4. Your trash consists of receipts, tags and shopping bags from various stores.

5. You will buy something even though you don’t need it, solely for the price.


6. Your email is mostly sales instead of conversations with actual people.

Rent Shment!!!

7. You may contemplate the importance of rent while staring at a pair of shoes on sale.

8. You receive text message sale alerts from your favorite stores.

9. Your friends often have to stop you from purchasing something similar to something you already have.

10. After going shopping, you feel you need to tell everyone about how much money you saved and are confused as to why they aren’t as excited as you.

Fall Favorites

Dry your beach hair and pack up the shorts…It’s about to be that time for school again.  I know, I know! It’s starting, ugh…. It’s not so bad when you think about how many people ranging from ages 5-25 have to go through this common heartache. It’s important to distract ourselves from frustrating teachers, boring classes, and stressful peers with…Style. Yes, you favorite outfit combined with your favorite pencil will get you through the school year. Here are some of my fall favorites:

Short boots


Wet Seal- On sale for $12.00!!
Wet Seal- On sale for $12.00!!
  1. Paired with leggings or jeans create a sleek and sophisticated look and super comfy
  2. Roll up the bottom of baggy or boyfriend jeans for a relaxed and cool look
  3. Add thick, fuzzy socks for warmth on extra chilly days!
  4. Wear them with a skirt for a fun and flirty feel



  1. Still going strong after so many years in style
  2. Wear with ANYTHING (haha)


I don't own one yet so Google Images will have to suffice :)
I don’t own one yet so Google Images will have to suffice 🙂
  1. Fairly new and adorable, they come in many different prints
  2. It’s important that you pick one that goes with at least two items in your closet
  3. Pair with skinny jeans or leggings and boots (Stylin’!)

High-Waisted Jeans


High-Waisted Jeans-Jcpenney $27.00
High-Waisted Jeans-Jcpenney $27.00
Teal Crop Top- Forever 21, $12.80
Teal Crop Top- Forever 21, $12.80
  1. Wear with a crop top or a high low shirt
  2. Since, its fall, cardigans are also a good investment

Fold-over Combat Boots

Combat Boots- Kmart, $35.00
Combat Boots- Kmart, $35.00
  1. Create an edgy look by matching distressed jeans and graphic tee
  2. Or create a girly-grunge look by wearing them with a printed dress and a dark colored cardigan

Rolled/Boyfriend Jeans

Goodwill- $6.00
Goodwill- $6.00
  1. Look adorable when paired with short/ankle boots
  2. Creates a relaxed, laid back look



  1. I love wearing my scarf as a headband to switch up a boring outfit
  2. Besides keeping you warm, they can also be the finishing touch to an outfit

*Renew your old makeup: It’s time to get the basics again Mascara, eyeliner, primer etc. I recommend E.L.F. or Bh Cosmetics because they both give you good products for very cheap!*