Rude Adults

Today I have a bit of a rant for you all and it’s about ( If you haven’t already guessed), adults who are unnecessarily rude.

When I was in high school, we had very sweet lunch ladies, they remembered your birthday and gave you extra fries when you ask for them. But there was one lunch lady in particular, who was rude for seemingly no reason. And when I say no reason, I mean that it takes extra effort to be as mean as she was.

One time I was minding my own business ( attending school and getting good grades and all that jazz) when I see that the chicken and rice that I had picked up had noticeably less chicken than another that I saw. So, naturally I reached for the other one and switched them.Big Mistake. Lunch lady rude mouth starts yelling at me and asking what was so wrong with her food that i put it back. She was yelling at me for a good minute while I just stood there in complete shock ( What did I do wrong?). Finally when she was done, I stammered back a reply sweeter than honey and moved on. Jokes on her cause I got more chicken.

There was another time where the kid behind us ( My best friend, Stephanie and I) was the “Victim”. All he did was ask for more fries and she snaps back “Could you hold on! I only have two hands!” We were like, “She needs a break or something”

One day Stephanie and I were at the DMV (Ugh, I know) and we were waiting outside of the building in a line that was literally a million miles long. When we were about to enter the building, the security guard that was “regulating traffic” put his hand out to stop us and slowly shook his head with so much attitude, I thought he would explode.

We were waiting to get called by the woman that was helping Stephie, but she was really quiet when she was calling names. We thought we might have missed her name being called, so we got up to stand near her counter. BIG MISTAKE. Mr.rudesecurityguard got his panties all in a bunch and yells ” What are you doing? Why do you need to be up here? Go take a seat!”

We were like “Well EXCUSE us!”

Later on someone left their water bottle on their chair and when he found it, he asked the whole room whose it was. Let me reiterate, he was very strict so no one fessed up and we all just sat there in awkward fear.

Our senior year in high school, Steph and I took these specialty classes called academy classes at a different school. Every other day we would take a bus to the other school. Our teacher gave us a break half-way through the class because it was a three hour period.

One day Steph and I were walking down the hallway during our break, minding our own business, when this woman comes up behind us and says “Ladies! where should you be?”

At this point I was kinda sick of all the adults at school, so I gave her a nonchalant answer ” We’re going to class” and then I turned around and continued my leisurely walk down the hall.

Apparently, she wasn’t going to spoken to in that manner because she followed up with ” I’m not finished talking”

We turned back around and explained that we were academy kids and our teacher allowed us a ten minute break. After that she said “You can’t just walk around the school whenever you want”  didn’t we just explain that we could?

SO rude, right? But maybe I’m just sensitive *Shrug*… or maybe I’m the rude one.


10 Signs That You’re A Shopaholic

I first realized I was a shopaholic when I noticed that my entire email (of 14,000 emails) consisted of coupons and sale alerts from stores. I know…I have a problem. Here are 10 ways to tell if you’re a shopaholic too:


1. Whenever you see a sale you just HAVE to go in and see what they have. Even if you may not have the…uh…ahem…funds to actually purchase anything.

2. You REFUSE to go to the mall when you don’t have any money to avoid heartache.

3. Your heart hurts when you know you can’t go to a sale.

Courtesy of Google Images :)
Courtesy of Google Images 🙂

4. Your trash consists of receipts, tags and shopping bags from various stores.

5. You will buy something even though you don’t need it, solely for the price.


6. Your email is mostly sales instead of conversations with actual people.

Rent Shment!!!

7. You may contemplate the importance of rent while staring at a pair of shoes on sale.

8. You receive text message sale alerts from your favorite stores.

9. Your friends often have to stop you from purchasing something similar to something you already have.

10. After going shopping, you feel you need to tell everyone about how much money you saved and are confused as to why they aren’t as excited as you.

Highschool as Songtitles

Freshman Year:

  • “We Are Young”- Fun.
  • “Stayin’ Alive” -Beegees
  • “What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye

Sophmore Year:

  • “Another one Bites the Dust” – Queen
  • “Its Time” – Imagine Dragons
  • “Everybody Talks” – Neon Trees

Junior Year:

  • “One More Night” – Maroon 5
  • “Rumor Has it” – Adele
  • “Too Close” – Alex Clare

Senior Year:

  • “We Are The Champions” -Queen“
  • “I Will Remember You” – Sarah Mclachlan
  • “End of the Road”- Boyz ll Men



My Trip To the Most Magical Place On Earth

If the picture didn’t already clue you in, your probably thinking, You went to Taco Bell? 

Sorry to disappoint as Taco Bell is quite magical, it is not exactly the place I’m talking about.

This past February, I traveled with my high school choir to Disney World in Florida for a competition. And let’s just say, after 15 hours on a bus, I was not the happiest camper.

We got to Epcot and it was like all the animals were released from a zoo. We all were so ready to get off the bus, the anxiety was palpable.

The Giant Golf Ball at Epcot
The Giant Golf Ball at Epcot

The one thing I didn’t expect was for it to be the same temperature as when I left home….Its supposed to be hotter there right? Anyway, we spent the day at Epcot walking around to each country.  We saw Mary Poppins but the line was a mile long to take a picture with her, so we took pictures of her.


Throughout the park, there were these hedges that were painted and cut out to look like famous cartoon characters.

The circle of life scene!
The circle of life scene!

After a fun day at the park and a not so fun morning on the bus, we had to sing for our adjudication that night. ( We killed it, of course)

The next day was more exciting! We went on the haunted mansion ride and ate cheeseburgers and had a glorious ole time. We watched the end of a parade and I saw Frozone and Mr.Incredible and we went crazy!


While we were in line for the mine train ride, there was a sign that explained the height requirements. So I bent down and turned to the little girl in front of us and said “I’m too short, I can’t ride,” And, I kid you not, she rolled her eyes and turned around.  Seriously? Some kids can’t take a joke… 

Maximus's Hoof Print
Maximus’s Hoof Print

We also saw Rapunzel’s Castle and when we walked through the kingdom, I noticed that there were markings on the ground. They turned out to be hoof prints from the horse in the movie! Disney World is nothing if not thorough with decorations.

The next day there was the most exciting, for me at least. We actually had a plan. We ate at Beast’s Castle which was AMAZING. The detail of the castle itself was immaculate and the food was better! That’s right BETTER. Here’s what I got(Keep in mind I had already started eating and the lighting wasn’t too good.Sorry):

Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables YUM
Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables
For around $17!!!

Next we headed over to Animal Kingdom and I rode my first roller coaster! I was pretty sure I was not about to get on aa rollercoaster any time soon. But, i figured if I had to ride one, it may as well be in Disney World. I agreed that I would wait in line with my friends and if I decided to get on, we would already be there. So, one minute I’m standing in line and next I’m sitting in the FRONT SEAT and we’re moving!!!!

Oh no! where's the rest of the track?
Oh no! where’s the rest of the track?
The Big Drop!!!!
The Big Drop!!!!

Next we headed back over to magic kingdom to eat dinner and watch the electrical parade. We had hot dogs and cheesy fries (Super healthy, I know) and gathered on the curb ready for a show!

Cinderellas Castle at night!
Cinderella’s Castle at night!

The last day was the saddest for various reasons, of course. Most of the day was spent inside looking for souvenirs while it thunder stormed outside. We watched the Beauty and the Beast play and rode some really cool inside rides. I found the cutest Minnie Mouse Mug and Purple Mickey Mouse ears!!:

Minnie Mouse Mug- Around $12.00
Minnie Mouse Mug- Around $12.00
Mickey Ears- $26.00

After that we went to the Festival Disney Award show which was also a lot of fun! All of our music groups did very well which was pretty cool. Then, we all piled back on the bus and made the dreadful 15 hour trip to VA. In Florida it was 70 degrees, and our welcome home present was a snowstorm. Ahh…home at last…you were not missed, cold weather. Not at all.  Needless to say it was one of my favorite senior memories, besides Graduation of course.