Fall Favorites

Dry your beach hair and pack up the shorts…It’s about to be that time for school again.  I know, I know! It’s starting, ugh…. It’s not so bad when you think about how many people ranging from ages 5-25 have to go through this common heartache. It’s important to distract ourselves from frustrating teachers, boring classes, and stressful peers with…Style. Yes, you favorite outfit combined with your favorite pencil will get you through the school year. Here are some of my fall favorites:

Short boots


Wet Seal- On sale for $12.00!!
Wet Seal- On sale for $12.00!!
  1. Paired with leggings or jeans create a sleek and sophisticated look and super comfy
  2. Roll up the bottom of baggy or boyfriend jeans for a relaxed and cool look
  3. Add thick, fuzzy socks for warmth on extra chilly days!
  4. Wear them with a skirt for a fun and flirty feel



  1. Still going strong after so many years in style
  2. Wear with ANYTHING (haha)


I don't own one yet so Google Images will have to suffice :)
I don’t own one yet so Google Images will have to suffice 🙂
  1. Fairly new and adorable, they come in many different prints
  2. It’s important that you pick one that goes with at least two items in your closet
  3. Pair with skinny jeans or leggings and boots (Stylin’!)

High-Waisted Jeans


High-Waisted Jeans-Jcpenney $27.00
High-Waisted Jeans-Jcpenney $27.00
Teal Crop Top- Forever 21, $12.80
Teal Crop Top- Forever 21, $12.80
  1. Wear with a crop top or a high low shirt
  2. Since, its fall, cardigans are also a good investment

Fold-over Combat Boots

Combat Boots- Kmart, $35.00
Combat Boots- Kmart, $35.00
  1. Create an edgy look by matching distressed jeans and graphic tee
  2. Or create a girly-grunge look by wearing them with a printed dress and a dark colored cardigan

Rolled/Boyfriend Jeans

Goodwill- $6.00
Goodwill- $6.00
  1. Look adorable when paired with short/ankle boots
  2. Creates a relaxed, laid back look



  1. I love wearing my scarf as a headband to switch up a boring outfit
  2. Besides keeping you warm, they can also be the finishing touch to an outfit

*Renew your old makeup: It’s time to get the basics again Mascara, eyeliner, primer etc. I recommend E.L.F. or Bh Cosmetics because they both give you good products for very cheap!*