Rude Adults

Today I have a bit of a rant for you all and it’s about ( If you haven’t already guessed), adults who are unnecessarily rude.

When I was in high school, we had very sweet lunch ladies, they remembered your birthday and gave you extra fries when you ask for them. But there was one lunch lady in particular, who was rude for seemingly no reason. And when I say no reason, I mean that it takes extra effort to be as mean as she was.

One time I was minding my own business ( attending school and getting good grades and all that jazz) when I see that the chicken and rice that I had picked up had noticeably less chicken than another that I saw. So, naturally I reached for the other one and switched them.Big Mistake. Lunch lady rude mouth starts yelling at me and asking what was so wrong with her food that i put it back. She was yelling at me for a good minute while I just stood there in complete shock ( What did I do wrong?). Finally when she was done, I stammered back a reply sweeter than honey and moved on. Jokes on her cause I got more chicken.

There was another time where the kid behind us ( My best friend, Stephanie and I) was the “Victim”. All he did was ask for more fries and she snaps back “Could you hold on! I only have two hands!” We were like, “She needs a break or something”

One day Stephanie and I were at the DMV (Ugh, I know) and we were waiting outside of the building in a line that was literally a million miles long. When we were about to enter the building, the security guard that was “regulating traffic” put his hand out to stop us and slowly shook his head with so much attitude, I thought he would explode.

We were waiting to get called by the woman that was helping Stephie, but she was really quiet when she was calling names. We thought we might have missed her name being called, so we got up to stand near her counter. BIG MISTAKE. Mr.rudesecurityguard got his panties all in a bunch and yells ” What are you doing? Why do you need to be up here? Go take a seat!”

We were like “Well EXCUSE us!”

Later on someone left their water bottle on their chair and when he found it, he asked the whole room whose it was. Let me reiterate, he was very strict so no one fessed up and we all just sat there in awkward fear.

Our senior year in high school, Steph and I took these specialty classes called academy classes at a different school. Every other day we would take a bus to the other school. Our teacher gave us a break half-way through the class because it was a three hour period.

One day Steph and I were walking down the hallway during our break, minding our own business, when this woman comes up behind us and says “Ladies! where should you be?”

At this point I was kinda sick of all the adults at school, so I gave her a nonchalant answer ” We’re going to class” and then I turned around and continued my leisurely walk down the hall.

Apparently, she wasn’t going to spoken to in that manner because she followed up with ” I’m not finished talking”

We turned back around and explained that we were academy kids and our teacher allowed us a ten minute break. After that she said “You can’t just walk around the school whenever you want”  didn’t we just explain that we could?

SO rude, right? But maybe I’m just sensitive *Shrug*… or maybe I’m the rude one.



My Favorite Memes

We all have those memes we just HAVE to laugh at every time the scroll up onto the many forms of social media we all have.  Here are my personal favorites:

7.  The feels:


images (23) images (22) images (21)

6.  What r u doing? :
images (16)
images (15)


hair-stahp5.  You had one job:

download (4)

images (14) images (13) images (12)4.   Willy Wonka of sarcasm:

images (24)


Willy-Wonka-Meme-Becomes-A-Gif-Because-Pictures-Arent-Enough3.   That’d be great:

images (27) images (26) images (25)2.  Pretty much ALL memes with a dog in it:

images (20) images (19) images (18) images (17)

dog-meme-i-panicked-2 accountant-dog 10177337_654310494617752_509395361945957172_n

1.  The “wat” lady

download (5)

Highschool as Songtitles

Freshman Year:

  • “We Are Young”- Fun.
  • “Stayin’ Alive” -Beegees
  • “What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye

Sophmore Year:

  • “Another one Bites the Dust” – Queen
  • “Its Time” – Imagine Dragons
  • “Everybody Talks” – Neon Trees

Junior Year:

  • “One More Night” – Maroon 5
  • “Rumor Has it” – Adele
  • “Too Close” – Alex Clare

Senior Year:

  • “We Are The Champions” -Queen“
  • “I Will Remember You” – Sarah Mclachlan
  • “End of the Road”- Boyz ll Men



Senioritis Is No Laughing Matter

If you or someone you know is currently in the twelfth grade, you may be suffering from Senioritis. It is an extremely serious disease that only occurs when a student has reached a point in their high school career where they have lost all ability to care about anything.Ever. Don’t worry, you can help; just $1 million a month can help a teenager in need. It will provide an unhealthy snack and a blanket and pillow bundle as well as unlimited wifi no matter where they are. Upon signing up, you will receive a thank you note like the one above:

As well as a picture of the teen you are helping.

Parents, there is a way you can help protect your children from this disease. If you notice the following symptoms, please call the hotline 1-800-MYKIDISLAZY
Your child is:

•  Answering everything with either “Whatever” or “No”
•  Constantly napping
•  Seriously considering skipping school every day because they don’ t feel like it
•  Have given up on “pointless” classes because they already have all their credits to graduate
•  Never going anywhere or doing anything unless it’s after noon

You can prevent your child from this unforgiving disease by taking these steps:

•  Waiting on them hand and foot
•  Make sure they never have to leave their seats
•  Don’t badger them about homework, college applications, or SAT’s.EVER. I MEAN EVER. This could be vital to your child’s health

Call the hotline for more information on how you can help others or protect your children