Senioritis Is No Laughing Matter

If you or someone you know is currently in the twelfth grade, you may be suffering from Senioritis. It is an extremely serious disease that only occurs when a student has reached a point in their high school career where they have lost all ability to care about anything.Ever. Don’t worry, you can help; just $1 million a month can help a teenager in need. It will provide an unhealthy snack and a blanket and pillow bundle as well as unlimited wifi no matter where they are. Upon signing up, you will receive a thank you note like the one above:

As well as a picture of the teen you are helping.

Parents, there is a way you can help protect your children from this disease. If you notice the following symptoms, please call the hotline 1-800-MYKIDISLAZY
Your child is:

•  Answering everything with either “Whatever” or “No”
•  Constantly napping
•  Seriously considering skipping school every day because they don’ t feel like it
•  Have given up on “pointless” classes because they already have all their credits to graduate
•  Never going anywhere or doing anything unless it’s after noon

You can prevent your child from this unforgiving disease by taking these steps:

•  Waiting on them hand and foot
•  Make sure they never have to leave their seats
•  Don’t badger them about homework, college applications, or SAT’s.EVER. I MEAN EVER. This could be vital to your child’s health

Call the hotline for more information on how you can help others or protect your children