10 Fashion Trends Inspired By ’90’s T.V.

I realize that the internet has been consistently pumping out ’90’s references and you are probably tired of them. But, let me make one more reference to the good ‘ole days.The ’90’s was a very inspirational era in terms of fashion and focused most on the individual style. Celebrities, as always, are usually the first to set these “Individualistic” trends. Here are 10 of my personal favorites:

1. Rachel Greene from Friends:


2. Kelly from Saved by the Bell:

saved by the bell vrop top high waisted tumblr_mvhd27EkYM1rn2pfqo4_1280 allvip.us Tiffani Amber Thiessen Kelly Kapowski Saved by the Bel

3. Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air:

tumblr_n4g6nzVi4r1toxqm9o1_500 ashley-banks

4. Gina from Martin:


5. DJ Tanner from Full House:

FULL HOUSE6484ce87c4b8b226f4975a5c1b4e43ceimages (8)

6. Topanga from Boy Meets World:


7. Moesha, Kim and Niecy  from Moesha:

moesha 8. Angela and Rayanne from My So-Called Life:

angelaskirt 9.  Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All:

Clarissa-Explains-It-All-the-90s-6120684-212-320Clarissa-Explains-It-All-2 tumblr_m3veolZvOz1r3gb6ao1_1280

10. Pretty much every character in Clueless:clueless_beverly_hills_style1 If you didn’t enjoy the rest of this post, like for Mr. Bean! If you don’t like him, then you must like Audrey Hepburn ( Basically there is no way you won’t like at least SOMETHING in this post)

Mr. Behepurn

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